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D1. A Survey On Mediteranean Greenhouse Industry (UNIPI)


D2. Fertigation recipes for selected crops in the Mediterranean region (CYPRUS)


D3. Salt response of protected horticultural crops (UNIPI)


D4. A model to quantify the effects of climate control devices (movable shading and fogging) on water uptake (CIFA & IRTA)


D5. Multivariate analysis of climatic and physiological factors affecting transpiration in relation to water or osmotic stress on greenhouse crops. (ARO-ISWES)


D6. Models for salt accumulation in recirculating nutrient solution culture (UNIPI)


D7. A compilation of water use for protected cultivation in the Mediterranean, water resources and economics of storing and upgrading water (IMAG)


D8. A blueprint for optimal management of multiple-quality water-resources (IMAG)


D9. Cascade cropping  systems as a tool for increasing water use efficiency in protected horticulture (UNIPI)


D10. Best practices for greenhouse crops under water constraints: How to improve water use efficiency (UNIPI)


D11. An on-line control algorithm for greenhouse and fertigation computers (AUA)


D12. A Decision Support System (DSS1) for growers (executable software) for best use of available water sources, with communications capacity with the on-line control algorithm. (AUA)

D13. A desktop Decision Support System (DSS2) for growers or consultants (executable software) to rank, by decreasing reward, a number of actions (investments/management/crop combinations) under constraints (inputs) of: fresh and marginal water quantity and quality, possible restrictions on released fluxes and costs of installations (CLAC)


D14. Handbooks of the above software (AUA-CLAC)


D15. Basic rules for managing greenhouse crop under water cnstraints (CLAC)


D16. Training course: Irrigation and saline water management - Handbook to be implemented in regional extension program (AAUG)



 INCO-MED :International Cooperation   Contract number : ICA3-1999-00009 - HORTIMED