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The objective of this project is to develop a context sensitive strategy for managing irrigation and nutrient supply of protected crops...



The project has four logical components. Each component is a “work package, that is further divided into “tasks”...



Irrigation requirement was determined for drip-irrigated greenhouse and open field vegetables. Reduced irrigation and irrigation with saline water both decreased yields...



Papers published...



All partners are located in areas (both in the EU and MPCs) where the economical advantages as well as the environmental impact of intensive horticultural ...


 INCO-MED :International Cooperation   Contract number : ICA3-1999-00009 - HORTIMED   

Water scarcity has become a worldwide phenomenon, with acute problems at some localities. The objective of the Hortimed RTD project was to develop a context sensitive strategy for managing irrigation and nutrient supply to protected cropscrops and hydroponics, under constraint conditions on the quantity and quality of the water supply. The economical (quality and quantity of crop yield/ the producer side) and the ecological (sustainability, contamination risks of water table, and healthy vegetables/ the consumer side) factors, affecting the strategic and operational decisions, have been the focal points of the research.

The research activities of the project have advanced our knowledge on:

  • biological information about detailed plants’ responses (i.e. nutrient uptake models, yield response to salinity etc),

  • technical developments on how to precisely furnish such needs (cooperative root and shoot environment management), as well as

  • complex optimization algorithms to utilize such information and provide best tradeoff solutions regarding the consumer quality requirements, the sustainability of the environment and the income of the grower, and all these in a very competitive world